APSOvib® Gas spring 16-1 with welded-on eye, Stroke 100 mm

Technical data

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Connecting piecewelded-on eye
Mounting hole-Ø6.1 ±0.3 mm
Material connecting piecesteel, black lacquered
Piston rod-Ø6.0 mm
Material piston rodsteel, tenifer-treated
Cylinder-Ø15 +1/-0.5 mm
Material cylinder tubesteel, black lacquered
Working temperature rangefrom -25 to +60 °C
Length max.264 mm
Tolerance± 2 mm
Stroke100 mm
UNSPSC CodeUNSPSC-31161904
Product description
The gas springs are pneumatic energy storage mechanisms with precisely defined linear retraction and extension forces and spring characteristics. Hydraulic end-damping length: 20 +/- 10 mm.
Activation of automobile hatches and trunk lids, automatic opening and closing of windows, doors, covers and hoods, as well as furniture height adjustment.
016 25011
The gas springs are under high pressure. They must never be opened, modified, tampered with or heated over +120 °C. Follow the disposal instructions when disposing.
Graduation force and exhaust all 10 N.
As vertical as possible with the piston rod downward. Inclined up to a maximum 60°. The gas springs must not be exposed to shear forces.

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