FFKM O-ring KALREZ® 6375

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Compound designation Angst+PfisterKALREZ® 6375
Hardness75 ±5 Shore A
Working temperature rangefrom -18 to +275 °C
Medium stabilityagainst almost all chemicals
NormDimensions according to American standard AS 568 A and British standard BS 1806
UNSPSC CodeUNSPSC-31410000
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Kalrez® is a DuPont™ brand. DuPont™, the DuPont Oval Logo, and all trademarks and service marks denoted with ™ or ® are owned by affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.
Packaging and delivery information
The O-rings are individually packaged and labelled; they are subject to a 100% tolerance and a surface inspection.

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General product information

Kalrez® 6375 is designed to give outstanding performance in the widest possible range of chemicals and temperatures. This product is an excellent choice for use in acids, bases, amines, steam, ethylene oxide, and many other aggressive chemicals. Mixed streams, once a problem for many chemical processors, can now be handled by Kalrez® 6375.

The curing system also allows for a continuous upper service temperature of 275 °C. This high temperature stability translates to increased chemical resistance over all temperature ranges, especially if high temperature process excursions occur. This combination of chemical and thermal resistance provides advantages for chemical processors.