Regulations for use

Regulations for use

26 November 2007
 - We request that you read these regulations carefully before you make use of information from the Angst+Pfister website. The agreement regulates your access to the internet platform of Angst+Pfister and your use of the information provided. By using the website you thereby consent to adhere to this agreement and acknowledge that it is binding for you.

Exemption From Liability
When using the information on this website of Angst+Pfister you consent to the following regulations.

Angst+Pfister presents the entire content of this website as it is at the disposal of the user, and without any explicitly stated or implicit guarantee.

All information on this website serves merely as an aid without guaranteeing to be free from errors. Angst+Pfister rejects any guarantee for direct, indirect, side-effect or consequential damages, losses or costs, which result from the use of the information contained in this website.

Angst+Pfister does not accept any liability or responsibility for the content of websites which are connected to the Angst+Pfister website by links.

Angst+Pfister does not accept any guarantee including the implied guarantee for usual trade quality or suitability for a specific purpose. Angst+Pfister does not accept any guarantee that the functions on this website are free from interruptions or errors, that errors be corrected, or that this website or the server are free from viruses or other harmful elements. Angst+Pfister accepts no guarantee for the content of this website as to its correctness, accuracy, reliability, or of any other form.

Trade Marks and Copyright
All rights are reserved for intellectual property contained on this website such as copyright, trade marks and patent rights. Access to the website does not bestow any right to copying or use of any of the intellectual property of Angst+Pfister.

All content of this website is offered exclusively for private or non-commercial use, with the proviso that neither the copyright notices nor other legally protected designations are removed.

All information communicated to Angst+Pfister via this website remains permanently the property of Angst+Pfister. In the absence of a prior explicitly stated agreement to the contrary, Angst+Pfister is not bound to treat this information confidentially and is entitled to the full rights of ownership of this information without any kind of compensation to the supplier of the information.

User Identification and Password Protection
The user ID issued by Angst+Pfister and the corresponding password are to be dealt with as private and confidential. Passing it on to others or the common use of the user ID and password are strictly prohibited. Any infringement of this prohibition will result in the immediate blocking of access to the Angst+Pfister website and also the liability for all damages which ensue to Angst+Pfister as a consequence of such an infringement. As owner of the password you are obliged to protect it against unauthorised use. Angst+Pfister may not be held responsible for alterations to your user ID or your password.

Commitment and Responsibility of the Client
Your access to the Angst+Pfister website is restricted to the obtaining of information from Angst+Pfister, and this exclusively for lawful business purposes. Any accessing or attempted accessing of other computer systems of Angst+Pfister or other information in systems of Angst+Pfister is strictly prohibited. You agree to the obligation not to use any of the information contained on this website for other than lawful business purposes.

You accept all responsibilities and commitments in connection with the choice of Angst+Pfister, to obtain the results which you intend to. You accept all responsibilities and commitments in connection with decisions made on the basis of, or recommendations drawn from, the use of the Angst+Pfister website, or derived from the content found on it, as well as for the content, the accuracy and the verification of these results, which also applies in regard to third parties.