PTFE coated flat seal

NOVAFLON® PTFE flat gaskets for highest chemical resistance
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Screw gaskets - a combination consisting of a metal outer ring and a rubber sealing lip

Flat gaskets made of PTFE are used wherever universal chemical resistance is required.

Flat gaskets made of NOVAFLON®

The NOVAFLON® product range is based on modified or expanded PTFE. This material makes the seals insensitive to most acids and alkalis over the entire pH range. Depending on the application, Angst+Pfister has 3 different materials in its range for flanges with a smooth sealing face according to EN 1514-1 mm.

Our PTFE materials for flat gaskets

NOVAFLON® 100 consists of structured PTFE and is filled with micro hollow glass spheres. The material is universally resistant to almost all chemicals.

NOVAFLON® 200 consists of structured PTFE and is filled with barium sulphate. Due to its special manufacturing process, this high-performance PTFE gasket material exhibits highly optimized creep behavior and thus minimizes the cold flow problems typical of virgin PTFE.

NOVALFON® 300 consists of structured PTFE and is filled with silicate. Thanks to its excellent resistance to media, even concentrated acids cannot harm the seal. However, strong alkalis (up to 85 °C), solvents, coolants, etc. are no problem for this gasket. This makes NOVAFLON® 300 the first choice for applications in the entire process industry.